fight to
save school

 Pembrokeshire's education department has been accused of 'emotional
blackmail' following attempts to transfer Hermon schoolchildren to a neighbouring school
at Crymych

 The council has told us that investment in Crymych is only possible with the closure of the smaller schools
includng Hermon but in our opinion, this is emotional blackmail, said Julie Lloydwhose two children both attend the school with a
third due to start in September.  "No one would deny that Crymych needs a bigger school but we don't
appreciate being hauled over the coals."

 Mrs Lloyd also claims the council's attendance forecasts for the school are incorrect; the education department predicts that pupil
numbers will fall from 53 to around 30, however the parents calculate an increase to 54. Now, in a continued effort to retain Hermon school
Mrs Lloyd has been granted legal aid enabling her to challenge Pembrokeshire County Council's proposal. "These days you don't have
long to be a child and by putting them in a school which combines primary and secondary age children, they'll be taking away a valuable
part of their childhood," she concluded.

 Meanwhile the parents plan to place advertisements in the local press identifying individual councillors who have voted in favour
of the closures, however the authority has described their action as premature saying that although extensive consultation has already
taken place, a final decision has yet to be made.