This email was sent to all Welsh Assembly Members on 10th April 2002 concerning the planned closure of Hermon School.

Another small rural school faces closure.

Parental Choice Ignored

For the attention of all Welsh Assembly members in relation to the proposed Draft Policy on Rural Schools.

Hermon School, Pembrokeshire is under threat of closure as a consequence of the County Council''s proposal to build a large area school in Crymych.

Why keep Hermon open ? -- Here are the facts.


The school is full to capacity. 51 pupils will be attending this summer term 2002. Numbers are constant and increasing which reflects a secure future for the school.


The building is in good repair with no expense required for its upkeep.


Educating a child at Hermon School is not expensive. It reflects favourably with the county norm per head of pupil.


In a small rural school the pupils are given an excellent platform to use the Welsh language and develop an unique Welsh environment.


The learning and educating is of a high standard and conforms in full with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The community.

The school provides a community focal point to village life.

Why ""no"" to large area school ?


Four year olds will have to be transported on buses which introduce problems regarding cost, safety and convenience.


The inherent difficulties regarding security on a large campus which incorporates both junior and secondary sectors at Crymych are complex and very worrying. The exposure of four year olds to the inappropriate behaviour of older teenagers will lead to the decline of educational and behavioural standards.

Class sizes.

Unfortunately, it is forecasted that class sizes will increase and less personal attention will be given to the individual student.

The Welsh factor.

In a large school, it is inevitable that the use of the Welsh language, and the ""Welshness"" which is inherent in the environment of a small rural school ,will decline and ultimately at its worst, disappear.

Parental Choice.

The creation of a large area school will be totally against the wishes of every parent of pupils at Hermon School.

Thank you for reading the above. We must act at once to save rural Welsh communities by ensuring the survival of small rural schools.

Yours sincerely

Hermon School Governing Body on behalf of all the school''s parents.