Hermon Community School Campaign
The primary school for the villages of Hermon, Glogue & Llanfyrnach


Dear Cabinet Member

I write to express my complete opposition to the proposed closure of Ysgol Hermon and the County Councilís intention to build a large area school in Crymych. The staff, governors and parents of Ysgol Hermon are unanimous in their opposition to such a development.
This closure is opposed for a variety of reasons and these are summarised in the following points:

Closing a school which is full and thriving is completely unacceptable and an utter disgrace

There are many other positive arguments for keeping Ysgol Hermon open.

The parents of Ysgol Hermon are completely supportive of this school which provides a good education for its pupils within a happy and homely environment. This support is best illustrated in the impressive efforts of the parents to fundraise annually with over £1300 raised last year in one fundraising event. The whole village and community work together to ensure success. This support is characteristic of the villages of Hermon, Glogue & Llanfyrnach and an element which must be envied by many other schools and communities. There is no justification for closing an effective and successful school which is full to capacity. I cannot therefore emphasise strongly enough the unanimous opposition of parents, staff and governors of the school as to the proposed closure of Ysgol Hermon.

Yours sincerely