Llanfyrnach Church

The Parish of Llanfyrnach
Restoration Appeal

Eglwys Sant Brynach
Apel Atgyweirio

A Commemorative Book

To commemorate the Restoration an illuminated book will be placed in Church recording the names (but not the amounts) of all who have contributed to the work. Photographs recording money raising events and the restoration work in progress will also be incorporated.

Llyfr Dathliad

I goffau yr Adferiad dodir llyfr goleuedig yn yr Eglwys I recordio enwau (ond nid y cyfansymiau) 0 bobun sydd wedi cyfranu i’r gwaith Cynhwysir darluniau I gofnodi’r ymdrechion a wnaed i godi elw ac o’r gwaith adeiladol a wnaethpwyd.

Work to be done

  • Exterior Work:

The Nave Roof

  • Remove existing roof cover, replace any timbers affected by rot etc. felt, batten, and re-slate.

The Tower

  • Build on Toilets to south side of tower

  • Renew tower roof.

  • Re lead valley and abutment between Tower and Nave Roof

  • Overhaul Pinnacles

  • Point Walls where necessary

The Nave & Chancel

  • Renew rainwater gutters in cast iron

  • Provide a new soak away system to remove rainwater from base of walls

  • Remove vegetation from walls and re-point as necessary


  • Internal Work

  • Replace two rotten beams in the Tower

  • Paint RSJ on which bells are hung.

  • Replace tower stairs as necessary and provide a guard rail

  • Other Work

  • Re-point the gate posts

  • Provide a mains water supply for the Churchyard

  • Layer the boundary hedge

Total estimated cost of the work (Including hire of scaffolding, architect’s fees, and VAT)£75,000