Press Release - From Hermon Community Primary School 19/06/04


Parents dismayed and astonished by the obstructive and wasteful approach of Welsh Assembly Legal Department.

The parents of Hermon Community Primary School in North Pembrokeshire are this week astonished by the actions of the Welsh Assembly Legal Department who have now applied to the High Court in London to seek permission in blocking the Small Villages Schools opportunity to reverse Pembrokeshire County Council notice to close the school. The school children and parents had attended a high court hearing in April and the presiding judge – Justice Charles had come down in favor of grating permission to the parent for proceeding to full Judicial Review to be heard in the court in Wales early July.

The Welsh Assembly have now applied for a hearing to take place in The High Court in London this Thursday the 24th of June to challenge the Community’s result at the previous hearing. The spokesman for the Save Hermon School Campaign - Cris Tomos commented “ Hermon school simply wish to question the Pembrokeshire County Council methods in seeking to close a full to capacity school where all parents and members of the community within the catchment area of Hermon school categorically refuse to accept the methods and interpretation of the Local Education Authority’s interpretation of the school Closure Policy. We genuinely feel that as parents, we have not had a fair hearing in terms of the arguments that we have put forward, it was great see that the High Court Hearing in April acknowledged some if not most of our arguments. The Judicial Review in July would give an opportunity for both sides to give greater detail in terms of educational, community, costs, transport etc.” Cris added “It is unclear to us in our small rural community why the Welsh Assembly should wish to become involve because it is county matter, and it is only Pembrokeshire County Council who we wish to challenge. We are all dismayed that The Welsh Assembly is now willing to throw considerable public funds at seeking permission in the High Court in London, to block our path to full Judicial Review in the Court in Wales which is only a few weeks away. It is a disgraceful waste of Welsh Tax Payers money, especially when the Welsh Assembly can simply present any issues at the Judicial Review hearing in Wales and save on additional unnecessary legal fees.”

The Welsh Assembly will now be challenging 4 year old Joel Lloyd of Llanfyrnach who is the named pupil representing the 50 Children currently in Hermon Community Primary School. Joel’s mother Mrs Julie Lloyd commented “ This is a really an unnecessary waste of time and money by the Welsh Assembly Government, we the parents of the Hermon children have worked extremely hard to raise the £20,000 needed to fund the initial legal cost. The assembly government could have easily allowed the Judicial Review to settle this case but are now putting greater stress on us the parents, the teachers and ultimately effecting the children” Julie added “ The Governors, Teachers and parents at Hermon continually ensure that the limited educational budget available to educate our children is spent as effectively as possible, it is a shame that the Welsh Assembly Government are not as careful with their legal budgets since they are prepared to squander thousand if not tens of thousands on legal cost which will, more likely than not have to be spent twice over by the local government in Pembrokeshire”      





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