"Ysgol Gymunedol Hermon Community School"

8th May 2004

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Ysgol Gymunedol Hermon Community School
Rs Hwyaid Noddedig / Sponsored Duck Race
Sadwrn/Saturday 1/5/04
Stondinau yn yr ysgol am 2 or gloch.
Various stalls in the school at 2 pm
Ras Hwyaid yn Llanfyrnach i ddilyn am 3.30
Duck race to follow at Llanfyrnach bridge at 3.30 pm
    Gwobrau/Prizes: 25    10    5 X3

Council votes to close the school.
Parents vow to fight on.

A meeting was held at the school with Mr G.W.Davies, Director of Education and Community Services, at which Mr Davies outlined his plans for "primary rationalisation" in the Crymych area. What he proposed was to close Hermon School and Blaenffos school and enlarge Crymych Primary School. Recent figures give Crymych with 94 pupils, Blaenffos with 30 and Hermon with 48 pupils. These figures give Hermon an 'occupancy rate' of 104.3%(in other words there is no empty places), the school is in reasonable condition and the children are thriving. 
       The main reason given for closing Hermon school would appear to be the fact that it is only 1.8 miles from Crymych Primary school. When asked to comment about the present problems outside the Crymych schools with regard to buses and cars dropping the children off at school he was unable to give a satisfactory reply.
      Some parents were worried about the fact that their 4 year old children would be mixing with children up to the age of 18. In reply to this he said the children would be separated but as a teacher from Crymych pointed out to him they are unable to keep them apart at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that the primary children have to walk across to the 'big' school in order to have their lunch at 1.30pm when the rest of the school has finished theirs. This also means that part of the school is out of use to the senior school for a large part of the day.
      A survey of the parents of the children at Hermon School showed that most would try and send their children to either Glandwr or the school at Tegryn and not to Crymych. 
       The parents are fighting to save "Hermon" similar to the fight only a couple of years ago when it was last proposed to close the school.
Click here for a link to the official campaign website.
    Diolch i bawb a gyfrannodd mewn unrhyw fodd tuag at y Ras Hwyaid ddydd Sadwrn. Diolch am werthur hwyaid, y
cyfraniadau at y stondinau, ac am gyfraniadau unigolion. Diolch hefyd am ddod i gefnogi ar y dydd.
Gwnaed elw da iawn, gydar cyfanswm terfynnol yn 1,607.65.
Hwyaid    1041.00
(Tynnwyd 20 allan i dalu am logir hwyaid ar ail wobr)
Hwyaid    1021.00
Rhodd Bidi Griffiths    50.00
Poteli    77.00
Raffl   132.00
Cacennau    128.15
Stondin Werdd (plant) 78.00
Stondin Werdd (oedolion) 107.00
Casino Cris    14.50
= 1607.65
Diolch hefyd I bawb a gyfrannodd tuag at wobraur Ras Hwyaid.
Yr enillwyr oedd:
1.   Iwan Rees, Midway.
2.    Emlyn Thomas, Penybryn
3.    D. Yorke, Rose House
4.    Richard Nicholls, Cwmni Richards
5.    Phill Higginson. Ysgol y Preseli
  We would like to thank everyone who supported the Duck Race last Saturday in any way.
Thank you for all contributions toward the stalls, for selling the ducks, and for individual donations. Thank you also for supporting on the day. The final amount Of money raised is 1607.65.
Ducks 1041.00 (20 was deducted to pay for the ducks and the second prize)

Ducks                      1021.00
Donation from Bidi
Griffiths                      50.00
Bottle stall                   77.00
Raffle                          132.00
Cakes                          128.15
Green stall (adults)      107.00
Green stall (children)      78.00
Casino Cris                    14.50

Thank you also to all who donated the prizes for the duck race.
The winners were:
1.    IwanRees,Midway.    25
2.    Emlyn Thomas, Penybryn. 20
3.    D.Yorke, Rose House. 5
4.    Richard Nicholls, Richard Bros. 5
5.    Phill Higginson, Ysgol y Preseli 5.

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