Press Release – 24/05/04


Hermon Community Primary School, North Pembrokeshire receives a further boost in its Campaign to reverse the closure notice as they receive Legal Aid Confirmation.   Parents question County Council leaders rational as the County Council could now face legal costs in excess of £100,000 while parent are now protected by the Legal Aid Certificate and a 100% protection against the Council costs.  


The parents and determined villagers of the catchment area of Hermon Community Primary School, North Pembrokeshire were once again given further reassurance that their worthy cause to save their full and vibrant primary school was a just one, by receiving confirmation that the Legal Services Commission had granted match funding towards their legal costs.


The spokesman for the Save Hermon School Campaign, Cris Tomos commented “ It is really a very significant step in that we now have 50% co funding towards our legal costs which are continually mounting.” Cris added, “The parents, community & supporters have made a tremendous effort in raising £20,000 to date, but with the assistance of Legal Aid this will now allow us to fund £40,000 of legal Costs.”


It is now one month since the small rural School attended the High Court Hearing in London on the 22/04/04 and won the opportunity to take the case to full Judicial Review. The Granting of Leave by Judge Charles in April was also significant in that having heard the facts from both the Parents Barrister and that of the Council Barristers the Judge was convinced that the Parents case had a definite chance of wining and that the case had legal merit. The cost of taking the case to a full Judicial Review will be estimated between £50,000 and £60,000, the parents of Hermon are grateful that the Legal Services Commission will fund 50% but they will continue to need to raise at least £5000, to £10,000 to cover their legal costs should they be unsuccessful with the case. Any one interested in supporting the school’s campaign can visit the community website on and donate anonymously into the bank account or send donations by post to Hermon School, Pembrokeshire, SA36 ODT.



Having has such a positive hearing in the High Court Hearing in London and seeing that independent advisers and educational professionals have given the small rural school solicitors statement to assist their argument in retaining small schools, the parents and rate payers of the North Pembrokeshire communities are surprised at the amount of public money that the County Council Officials are prepared to squander at seeking to close the small primary school which will adversely affect the rural community in and around Hermon Village. The full Judicial Review hearing is set to take place within the next few weeks and if the Primary School are successful the County Council could be faced with covering the legal costs of both themselves and the School Campaigners cost which could amount to well over £100,000.  




Picture Below; Anna Wilshaw a parent and Campaigner at Hermon School – attending the High Court Hearing in London on the 22/04/04. Anna who’s daughter Catrin wished to join her elder brother Hedd at the school was told by Pembrokeshire County Council that Hermon School was too full and could therefore take Catrin to another school if she so wished.

School Governors Contact: Nerys Nicholas  - Contact Number 01239 831701 or 07766 545383

School Campaign Co-ordinator: Cris Tomos – Contact Number 01239 831962 or 07974 099738

Legal Contact: Michael Imperato Solicitor – Contact 02920 262811

Anna Wilshaw – Parent of Blocked Child Catrin – 01239 831878