Gathering placards outside Hermon School.

County Council Offices, Haverfordwest, 3rd July 2003

Some 36 adults and 15 children went along to lobby the council members to give the school a reprieve. Mr Lyn Davies gave a short speech supporting our cause. None of the parents present were allowed to say anything despite a very one sided meeting. Consequently the members werer roused from their slumbers to vote unanimously in favour of the closure.


The next stage in the process is the full council meeting on 17th July when it is hoped to have another good turn out of parents and friends of Hermon School. In mid September there will be a final decision, which, if it goes against the school will start the legal battle in the courts. It is hoped to getn all the pupils at the school to claim legal aid and take the council to court. The issue of Human Rights is also being looked at with a view of possibly going to the Court.   Mr Gerson Davies said we were the cart lagging behind the horse. We take the opposite view, being a thriving and growing community with plans for a community centre as well as numerous local groups - we feel that ferrying all our children to an already overcrowded and distant campus is a significant step backwards.




Pictures of the Hermon School closure protest outside the council offices at Haverfordwest. Courtesy of BBC TV News.

Picture of Helen Mary Jones - Shadow Education Minister who visited the School on the 26/06/03. She was providing the parents of the school with information regarding the rights of rural children under the human rights laws.

The Children can be seen here holding their Legal Aid Application Forms which are bing submitted by the 11/07/03 to enable the school to fight the closure decision.