Director of Education turns away new pupils at Hermon Primary School.

The determined parents of Hermon School were once again challenged by the County Council Education Department when parents of 2 pupils who had hoped to enter the school in January have now received a letter from Gerson Davies Director of Education and Community Services, outlining that their children would not be allowed into their local Village school. One of the Parents – Janet Parcell was furious that her daughter Eleri would not be allowed to join her sister at the village primary which is only a matter of a 80 yards away from their front door. “We were told in the letter that we could express a preference for another school, but it is a sad state of affairs that I have to drop my eldest child in one primary school with her Village friends yet my 4 year old daughter who has attended Nursery School at the Hermon site will have to split with neighboring children and travel to another school.”  “ The council state that the school is over capacity at the moment, but many parents are aware that the school numbers have been this high in the past – where is the common sense within the council”

The spokesman for the Hermon Campaign to keep the 50plus pupils school open – Cris Tomos added, “We have seen Hermon retain the Number of pupils attending the school where we were glad to see Eleri and Jac being welcomed in January and seeing the figures rise to 53. The capacity of the school is 46 but figures such as 53 and 54 have been easily managed in the past” Cris added “possibly the fact that the Councils statistics to the Welsh Assembly as basis for closing Hermon noted, that the figures at Hermon School would drop to 44 in January 2003. This would indeed show a great error of forecasting by the council since we would have 53 with Eleri and Jac. Also the Councils Forecast for 2005 is 39, where we know that the school figures will remain at 53. It is sad that children’s education and happiness seem to be manipulated by the whim of the County Councils Education Department. 


Telephone: Janet Parcell 01239 831458

Cris Tomos 01239 831631, 07974 099738



North Pembrokeshire Village School Prepares for the High Court Hearing

The parents of Hermon Primary School have this week received the full endorsement of a London Barristers Opinion in confirming that the parent’s arguments are strong enough to be bought to a High Court Judicial Review hearing.

The barrister is now preparing to lodge the case with the High Court by the 15th of December. Parents from the school have been supplying the Barrister with copies of all County Council correspondences. The Barristers has identified numerous areas where the Hermon Schools arguments have not been addressed by the consultation process lead by the county council.  


Contact for Barrister details = Michale Imperato - Russell Jones Walker Solicitors  - Cardiff 02920 262811